2nd place at the First International Makeup Championship in Romania

Yes, I know that I gave a great title to my post, but I have worked hard for what I have achieved so far and I am very proud of this result :)!

On 16.11.2019 the first International Makeup Championship was organized in Romania

Teodora Roxana Cioanca was responsible for organizing it and I wish to congratulate her with this occasion and to say again: “My dear you did a wonderful job.”

That being said let’s talk to you about how it was and what it means to prepare for such a contest. Yes, I know that makeup is often not considered a difficult job, but to prepare for a competition you need a lot of things : model, outfit, accessories, the right products, the right brushes and not to mention training, time, creativity , dedication, passion, determination, work, understanding and support from the family, patience from the model and the list can continue.

There were 3 categories you could register for: Bridal, Night Fashion and Fantasy Mix!

I’ve participated in all 3 categories, and the Bridal category was the one who brought me the medal.

I chose to make a super natural makeup because I think this is how every bride should look on the big day.

Natural, bright, with the finest features highlighted! I would like to thank my model Jessica for her patience, and to Be My WHITE for the gorgeous dress my model wore.

In the other two categories I also had the great pleasure of being supported by two very very talented people.

Cristina Brad, who created this wonderful outfit that has attracted the admiration of many people in public. Also to my model Helga who never refuses to help me even if she needed 45 minutes and a lot of perseverance to remove this makeup :)! THANK YOU

And Anei Isvoranu for the outfit of Night Fashion and my model Diana Bunea, who also sits very confidently in my chair every time I call for her help.

To the question: “How was it?” I will answer: HARD. I didn’t have such emotions even when I gave the biggest test in school (and I’m not kidding) I had emotions so big that my brushes were shaking in my hand! I wanted to show that I can (first and foremost) but the emotions have made my job a lot harder!

If I would repeat the experience? OOOOOHH YEEES. I can’t wait, I know I won’t be on the podium at every one, but I will work VERY MUCH for each experience!

I just love the wonderful art of makeup and I can’t wait to learn something new every day!

I kiss you all and if you have questions do not hesitate to write to me !!!

PHOTO : Dineras Studio