Behind wonderful pictures …

Dear friends, I want to talk a little about what is going on behind the perfect images that you see posted on social media. Behind these images are many hours of work before the photo or video, but the work does not end even after the photo session! Hours of work are required to prepare the makeup and hairstyle of a model. The camera doesn’t forgive anything :). Even if there is a great amount of work, there are also moments of fun. That’s why I decided to show you some pictures that we can call and “backstage”. Enjoy!

I wanted to make the Snow White inspired photo session for a long time now. I searched for models, outfits, photographer! After all the details were put together, there was only one detail that I didn’t think about: The weather conditions! On the day agreed, we gather at the studio to prepare the makeup and hair. All good and beautiful, but when we leave the studio … it is raining! Ok, we don’t get scared from drops of rain! Thanks to my photographer for his optimism!

But when the rain stopped, a whirlwind started right after, so we could barely stand on our feet!

Another day, another shooting, other adventures! We set a day for another photo shoot. This time we decide that we want ruins. We search on the internet, we find them, we get there, but OMG : great pity for the Romanian tourism! In the courtyard of the former castle: village football championship. An old very beautiful tower unfortunately was perfectly decorated by supporters, shells of seeds and cigarette butts! And I think that all the animals from the village were sheltered around the castle! Obviously we give up our plan and looked for another location!